Because if the company not gonna do it I will, Lansinoh baby bottle handles

My wife selected Lansinoh as our breast milk pump, but something you fresh parents might not that this spells out us using the bottles for everything since there is no point in transferring the milk from one bottle to another and adding to the ever growing dishes load, which means we had all our bottles be Lansinoh.

After the baby grown a bit and reached the age we could allow him to hold the bottle by himself we needed to attach handles to the bottle so he could hold them and free our hand from getting a sleep.
That began my search for bottle handles, for some reason Lanhsinoh does not make their own (even though competitors do).
I also looked for third party who might solve my issue, there was none.

The solution was my favorite, design some and make them.

The try and error versions.

After several failed attempts i finally created the final version.

The final version

The final version seemed perfect, my kid could hold it without breaking the handles and it helped him hold the bottle with no problem.
I was so happy with the final solution I uploaded the model to and later on on Reddit.
It was on reddit where I received this lovely comment thanking me.

When I asked for the STL I was thinking that this would be something I would print and it would be useful, although nothing beyond what you would anticipate from handles on a bottle. My wife and I are dedicated to having our daughter continue breastfeeding exclusively until at least a year (next friday). My wife is a nurse and so taking shifts meant pumping instead of breaks and limiting the amount she could work. While she was away, I had to feed my daughter, and as luck would have it she never took to the bottle at all, leading to syringe feeding my daughter many nights. This is less practical as she got older and needed more milk. About the time you posted this we noticed she would grab for my sons cups with handles , and while she wasn’t great with it she was at least interested. Since adding your handle my daughter now takes the bottle with no issues, and will meet our breast feeding goal because of the design you made. Thank you so much for your design, it means a lot to me and my family.

By MechTechOS on Reddit