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How to integrate Vuejs with JVectorMap

The other day I was working on rewriting this project for a startup that I am working in, anyways we needed to see a newer version of the the same stats pages in VueJs which included both some ChartJs and some jVectorMap. Another requirement I needed to adhere to was for the app to work […]

Because if the company not gonna do it I will, Lansinoh baby bottle handles

My wife selected Lansinoh as our breast milk pump, but something you fresh parents might not that this spells out us using the bottles for everything since there is no point in transferring the milk from one bottle to another and adding to the ever growing dishes load, which means we had all our bottles […]

Awesome Laravel Helpers Collection

Laravel has some great helpers that I keep using time after time. But but of course for every development you would write your own extra helpers. What happens when you notice that you keep rewriting the same one, over and over again. I decided to release a small package with my helpers list, just so […]

Stopping WordPress sent emails from going into the spam folder

One of my clients got frustrated that the emails he is sending out of his WordPress site keep getting into the spam folder of his clients, and asked me to look into it. Honestly I didn’t have that problem before so I decided to look it up. The reason for this problem is that theĀ From […]